RSS Mixer

Looking for a simple way to mash together many RSS feeds into one? No problem...

Combine up to 20 RSS feeds - very easily!

How it works:

1) Give your new 'mixed' feed a name

2) Enter the RSS feeds you want to mix

3) Click save and get a combined feed!


A Really Simple Introduction to RSS

The technology of the internet is shrouded in acronyms. Almost all of the cutting edge advancements made in computing technology have been popularly known by an abbreviation. From "www" to "mp3" to "rss." So what is "rss?" RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." Before we discuss what RSS is, we should cover what RSS does. In short RSS allows one to subscribe to a feed and receive updates as they are published, rather than having to check in as time allows. The feed can be anything from a news site to a podcast.

Now back to the question of what RSS is. RSS is an XML file that conforms to the defined standard of RSS. This standard gives content creators a simple way to push updates from their sites to anyone who has chosen to receive them. The RSS format allows for each update to contain a title, a link (for instance, to an mp3 in the case of a podcast), as well as a description. Since RSS is an open format, it is very simple for programmers to incorporate RSS into their programs. As such, there are quite a lot of feed-readers, new-aggregators, and RSS browsers out there.

Now that we know what RSS can do, and a little bit about how it works, lets look at how to get started with RSS. The first thing to do is find an RSS feed that one wants to follow. Most news sites will have an RSS icon mixed in with the other icons available for sharing the content. Clicking on this icon will give you access to the feed URL, which you can cut and paste into your aggregator of choice. Voila, you are now an RSS nerd, welcome to the fold!

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