Demo Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use

It's very important to us that our service is affordable. To that end, we offer a 10-day free-trial and low cost plans.

Basic Plan Pro Plan Expert Plan
5 Mixed Feeds
Every Other Hour
10 Mixed Feeds
Updated Hourly
30 Mixed Feeds
Updated Hourly
10 Source URLs
Per Mixed Feed
15 Source URLs
Per Mixed Feed
20 Source URLs
Per Mixed Feed
$2.00 / Month
Paid Annually
$4.00 / Month
Paid Annually
$8.00 / Month
Paid Annually

Pre-sale questions? Contact us:

Is RSS Mixer a feed reader?

No. RSS Mixer is less a feed reader and more a feed publisher. We take multiple RSS feeds and create a new combined version of all those feeds. Many feeds; one address. That's the idea.

Why use RSS Mixer if it is not a reader?

There are many use cases of combined feeds. One of them is use with a feed reader. We recommend RSS Feed Aggregator, but you are free to use our feeds however you want. They are compatible with many services.

Whether it be for following a news topic, running a social media account, or overcoming a unique software limitation. We've found you either need or you don't.

What format are feeds? takes up to 20 RSS feeds as inputs and outputs one XML feed in Atom format.

Atom is an alternative to RSS. Most feed readers support Atom alongside RSS and it has advantages over RSS. Especially, in our case where we are often combining feeds from different XML-based formats.

You can learn more about the Atom standard here.

Will Atom format work with my application?

Atom is a popular standard and works in most cases. However, there are two things you can do to quickly check if Atom will be compatible with your application.

  1. Create a free-trial account:

    And combine 2-3 source feeds as a test. (recommended)

  2. Take this example feed:

    And test its compatibility with your software.

If you discover problems while trying the above, it's likely our solution is not a good fit for your particular situation.

Can I apply keyword filters to a mixed feed?

Yes! If you append ?keyword=X to the end of your feed's URL it will remove any items which do not contain that keyword. See an example:

Why won't RSS Mixer add certain source URLs?

There are a number of reasons why a source feed URL may be deemed invalid: too long to load, bad formatting, false-positives, and more. If your problem persists email:

Can I have my feed output in other formats?

At this time, Atom is the only format we support. If that is not compatible with your application, please email us: and we will work to support those formats that are in the highest demand.

Who owns and operates the RSS Mixer service?

RSS Mixer is a owned by Family Media and operated by Dan Anderson, a managing member of Family Media LLC.

I want to downgrade, but it says, "You are not eligible for this plan."

Each subscription level has its own maximum feed limit. Basic: 5, Pro: 10, Expert: 30. Before downgrading, you must disable enough RSS feeds, so that your feed is within the desired subscription's limit.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can manage, upgrade, and/or cancel your subscription all from this page.